Quest Log

My obsession with getting better isn’t limited to my interactions or my emotional state. Here’s what I’m doing right now…

  • Learning French. I’ve been itching to pick up a new language for a while and needed something other than Spanish. (I had a teacher so overwhelmingly bad that she caused me to ragequit the language. It’d bring up some memories I wouldn’t gain anything from dealing with…)
  • A project with the piano I just got, prompted by Roxanne via some unspecified form of bribery — learning to play one new song every week, recording it, and sending it to her (I also play bass reasonably well and sing pretty damn spectacularly. Fun fact: I was a music student who somehow ended up working in IT.) Thus far, I’ve covered:
    • NIN – In This Twilight
    • AFI – Kiss and Control
    • The Seatbelts – Gotta Knock a Little Harder
    • Ludo – Love Me Dead
    • Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
  • Lifting, using Phrak’s variation of Grayskull LP, as well as continuing to shun carbs. (My ultimate goal: actually having abs.) Current max lifts (for sets of 5):
    • Squat: 215
    • Bench: 175
    • Deadlift: 315
    • Overhead: 115
    • Row: 110
    • (Weighted) Chin-up: +25
  • Additional entries for this website.
  • Actually reading books. This was always a thing people had to force (I’m partial to games and TV series for my fiction and the Internet for my non-fiction), but I’ve met far too many people who have recommended far too many things that strike me as interesting. I’m currently working on Never Eat Alone and The Charisma Myth. (…ok, and also a 6-month backlog of Shonen Jump issues.)